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Moving Software Change Forwards, Backwards, and Sideways

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"Our development engineers have embraced this unique tool [Change Impact Viewer] because they can do ‘what-if’ scenarios without affecting other developers. This enables them to debug issues they have encountered due to improper code changes and also allows them to determine the impact changes will have on other code baselines of the same project."

David Platt
Lead CM Engineer
Network Solutions

"McCabe CM enables us to maintain parallel streams of development with minimum effort. The ability to migrate change sets greatly helps us to release multiple version of software with minimum test time. All these could not have been achieved with other file based tool."

Annie Wei
Software Engineer
Faro Technologies, Inc

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Organizations like Citigroup, Network Solutions, Lockheed Martin, Novatel, Vertex, JPMorgan Chase, and Broadridge use McCabe CM - TRUEchange, the only Software Change and Configuration Management solution to utilize 'Integrated Difference' technology, to selectively migrate change across the enterprise, saving time, resources, and money.

The most versatile SCM system just got better! McCabe CM - TRUEchange.

TRUEchange at a Glance

Change Impact Viewer
Doing Agile development?  Then you'll appreciate the true power of our exclusive Change Impact Viewer.  It lets you answer the questions, "What does the file look like if I add this change to it?" and "What if I remove that change?"

No one else has it. McCabe CM - TRUEchange doesSee a demo.

Click for Larger View. TRUEchange - Change Impact Viewer

The Change Impact Viewer allows you to compare files by adding and removing changes; it also allows you to simulate change migration and removal as well - without modifying the data stored within the TRUEchange repository. It gives you insight into the degree of impact those changes will have on other files, too.

  • New for Version 3.6
    • Collaborative Change Impact Assessments
      Now the Change Impact Viewer not only shows users the consequence of implementing a change, but also enables them to perform test builds and search for text in inactive lines of code. Users also are able to share the Change Impact results with colleagues to enhance collaborative development efforts.
    • Inactive Code Search
      Valuable code content may no longer be active, and you may not know where it lies within inactive code. The Change Impact Viewer now allows you to search for specific content and find out where it lies, who made it inactive, and when.
    • 10x Performance Upgrade
      New memory optimization and data parsing techniques have led to significant performance improvements.
    • Interface Enhancements
      We've added visual aides such as line numbers to quickly identify the location of impacted code.  In addition, you are now able to show/hide information windows as needed, helping to better utilize the space to view critical content.

Administration Updates

  • New - Create/Stop/Start Repositories from the Admin View
    StreamCM 3.6 has been updated to allow users to create, stop and start repositories from the Admin View. The TRUEchange 3.6 server must be installed to take advantage of this functionality.

McCabe CM - TRUEchange Admin View

  • New - Setup/Start/Stop License Manager
    With the new TRUEchange 3.6 server installed, users can now start the local license manager on a machine using the StreamCM tool.
  • New - New Command Console
    TRUEchange repository servers have a fully-functional interpreter that allows administrators to execute special instructions on the server. In the past, users would have to use the command line to perform this function. StreamCM now comes with a Command Console window built in.

High Performance Data Transfer
Global development teams often suffer when transferring data from corporate source control tools over large distances. TRUEchange's Data Transfer Compression technology accelerates data transfer on a Wide Area Network 4 to 13 times vs data transfer without compression. The file transfer happens faster, so your developers can work instead of wait.

LDAP/Active Directory Integration
Organizations that are looking to consolidate their security infrastructure with LDAP or Active Directory can now use TRUEchange in this environment. TRUEchange integrates with both LDAP and Active Directory server authentication.

Multi-Byte Character Support
Files that are encoded with multi-byte formats will now be able to be stored inside the repository and be manipulated with the full range of TRUEchange functions. The files are treated exactly like ASCII, not suffering the limitations of binary storage.

Click for Larger View. TRUEchange - Multi-Byte Character Support

Built-In Graphical Difference Tool
A new built-in graphical file difference viewer has a graphical scroll bar on the left side that visually shows the change sections in the file.

Click for Larger View. TRUEchange - Build-In Graphical Difference Tool

CruiseControl Integration
Our CruiseControl plug-in was written by McCabe Software specifically for TRUEchange and supports version 2.8.2.

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Accelerate Release Cycles with Agile Workspaces
Whether you release applications yearly, quarterly, weekly, or daily, TRUEchange can support your Agile development process. You no longer have to wait for every change scheduled in a release to be finished before moving on to QA, testing, or production.

TRUEchange allows you to selectively promote and demote specific change requests within the software life cycle, while other more complex issues or untested changes remain in coding until they are resolved. This powerful feature saves time and increases the efficiency of software testing professionals.

The client-side conflict resolution that is possible with Agile Workspaces, as opposed to traditional server-side resolution, gives developers more control. The benefit of this is that conflict is resolved by the developer before changes are checked into the repository.
No more broken builds!

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Share Fully-Auditable Change In Seconds, Not Days
TRUEchange is unique in that it utilizes Integrated Difference technology coupled with a new approach to workspace management. This proprietary technology enables development, test, and release teams to selectively migrate fully-auditable change in any direction across the application lifecycle.

With TRUEchange, manipulation of change is performed using selective migration: the ability to share the original change among multiple releases. Using selective migration, a developer can implement a change, and then share that original change with other releases. This sharing provides mechanisms for modifications that allow the change to be tweaked such that it fits cleanly within an altered environment.

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Intuitively Support Parallel Streams
Users manage projects and not files, with the TRUEchange Stream View. Each version or release stream is effectively a pool of change applied to a labeled baseline.

Stream View provides a visual representation of the history of each project, including the relationships between versions within the project. Users no longer have to guess which changes exist within a particular version. Stream View displays the differences as well as the similarities in each development stream.

TRUEchange Stream View allows you to drag-and-drop change in any direction
across the application lifecycle

Enhancements, defect corrections, or patches can be applied to relevant releases in seconds or minutes as opposed to hours or days.

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Support Globally Distributed Development with Ease
The need for a remote configuration management solution has become more and more prevalent with the advent of globally distributed development teams. You need to make sure that the solution you choose is powerful enough to manage change throughout your enterprise, whether local or across the globe.

TRUEchange enables your development team to see the same GUI no matter what platform they are using. Consistent functionality across all platforms also means a much lower learning curve and quicker time to market.

TRUEchange also simplifies product installation and upgrades with update detection and automated download to ensure all users have the most current version.

TRUEchange's secure distributed multi-site development environment provides access to dispersed repositories. This provides single point of access to applications without synchronization or multi-site overhead.

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Track and Secure Changes for Federal, State, and Internal Audits
TRUEchange secures all source files in its repository and tracks who accesses files and what changes they made. TRUEchange provides the ability to pass federal, state, and internal software audits (Sarbanes-Oxley, ITIL, etc.) by providing secure movement of code, segregation of roles and responsibilities, robust reporting, trusted source and roll back capabilities.

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Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership
TRUEchange provides an intuitive and logical approach to software versioning. It helps organizations manage their change process, speed application delivery, and ultimately improve software quality - all at a lower total cost of ownership.

TRUEchange deploys quickly and is easy to use, resulting in a significantly reduced 'CM administrator to developer ratio', and flexible, accelerated release schedules.

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Platform and File Support
We are committed to supporting the latest technology advances. If you do not see your platform on this list or have any questions at all, please contact McCabe.


Windows (All)

UNIX - (Solaris, HP-UX, HP-UX Itanium, AIX)

Mac OS X - (PPC)

Red Hat Linux - (x86)

SuSE Linux - (x86, IBM z-Series, IBM i-Series, IBM p-Series)

OpenVMS - (Itanium, Alpha, VAX)

File Types

TRUEchange supports all file types, including multi-byte.

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