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Leading Video Game Company Selects McCabe to Ensure Quality User Experience
McCabe IQ to Uncover Risk and Improve Testing of Source Code to Support Online Gaming

Cranston, RI - McCabe Software has announced that one of the world’s leading video game companies has selected McCabe IQ to analyze the quality and testing of source code in the company’s online tournament gaming software.

McCabe IQ was selected in order to utilize the product’s code metrics, advanced visualization, and path coverage to uncover code complexity, target software testing efforts, and improve engineering practices.

“The requirement was to accurately and objectively describe the state of the client’s source code at any given point in the product development cycle,” says Dale Brenneman, VP of Software Quality Solutions at McCabe Software. “McCabe IQ provides unique insight into the condition of source code, quickly highlighting where the complexity lies, and showing the logical paths through the application that have not been tested. No other software quality management solution can provide that level of analysis.”

“Leaders in the multi-billion dollar online video gaming industry recognize the critical importance of releasing software that must not fail,” says David Belhumeur, CEO of McCabe. “Our client has identified McCabe IQ as an important tool in achieving that goal. They are in good company with the legion of leaders in other industries who have trusted McCabe solutions for over 30 years.”

About McCabe Software, Inc.
McCabe Software, the Software Path Analysis Company, provides Software Quality Management and Software Configuration Management solutions worldwide. "McCabe IQ" is used to analyze and visualize the security, quality, and testing of mission, life, and business critical applications. McCabe Software has offices in the United States and distribution worldwide.

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