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McCabe IQ is an interactive, visual environment for managing software quality through advanced static analysis, providing a comprehensive solution to the challenges that face quality assurance and development teams.

Built on McCabe's groundbreaking research in software quality measurement, McCabe IQ delivers lower error rates, shorter testing cycles and reduced software maintenance efforts. McCabe IQ builds stability, accountability and quality into software development initiatives.

With its interactive, visual environment, you can quickly and objectively gauge the quality of your code and focus resources where they will have the greatest impact on your projects.

If there is trouble within your critical application.
McCabe IQ will find it.

Register below for a live web demonstration and discover how the world's leading organizations reduce software risk and improve the quality of their critical applications using McCabe IQ.

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McCabe IQ enables you to uncover risk and develop reliable, more stable applications.

Visualize your software quality, shorten test cycles, lower error rates, reduce maintenance efforts, uncover software changes, and locate high-risk code through industry leading metrics and test coverage techniques

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